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Lust Power

Hi Friend,

Before we dive in let me tell you that there is no greater feeling in the world…
• than seeing that intense look on your woman’s face while you are making her
have a “body shaking” powerful orgasm.

• than having that feeling of conquest (in a good way) because you know that you
are not one of those selfish lovers.
• than knowing that no man has ever rocked her world like you.
Last year I bought, checked out from the library, borrowed, and re-read tons of books on sexual performance.

I wanted to recommend a high-quality sex book to my friends, customers and subscribers.

As you can imagine, some books were great, some were ok, and some were bad.
One book was so horrible that it was too painful to finish. I told myself that I would make
sure I got through all of them. That didn’t happen with this book.

I am confident that this is probably the worse book on “sexual training” on the face of the
earth. Not only that, it was pretty expensive. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. It is
probably the only book that I have ever actually thrown in the trash.

I really do not know where to start. That wasn’t the only garbage book out there, but this
one made the others books I previously considered bad seem somewhat respectable…
I don’t think I learned one thing from that book. That is hard to do. I mean it is almost
like a statistical masterpiece. It made me paranoid. It was almost as if there was strategic
effort to make sure the reader didn’t learn anything.

Again, I threw it in TRASH. Why? Because it was G-A-R-B-A-G-E! And to me, trash
belongs in the trash. It was actually an ebook, so in other words I threw the printed sheets

And I normally don’t do this, but this time it was necessary. I actually hired a
professional hacker to surgically remove the PDF document from my desktop…
Think about that for a second. It’s an ebook on sexual technique. How can you mess that
up? I’m surprised his wife isn’t jealous from all the screwing that he is doing…
You’ll have to forgive me, I’m having a hard time articulating my frustration!
If I had the time, I would have made paper airplanes out of each page and I would have
flown them individually in the trash can…
Let’s move on to the purpose of all of this - a discovery that you can actually benefit
from (the reason you are reading).
You’ll find this interesting.

We'll get to it in a second, but...
Have you ever seen those colorful, professionally photographed sex books that are in
Barnes and Noble (or any major book store)?

Let me tell something - they have no "real" information (compared to some “real” sexual
technique books I’ve read. If you are a rookie, then you are likely to get some beneficial
information out of them, but if you are looking for some “real” information don’t waste
your time with these books. I will say this about some of them - if you are looking at one
of them with a female it can have an amazing affect on her…
Women are more into their fantasies. Women love to daydream. Women’s emotions and
imagination can be triggered in an instant!

And if somehow you are able to never forget that and you use along with a suggestion I'm going to provide you with, you WILL be better with women than 97% of the men of

Let's get back to these colorful books for a second...
If you do have one of these types of books or you plan on getting some, you can use it to
turn her on. (I’m not sure if this would work for all women).
You have to act like you are casually reading it and the two of you are just exploring for
new things. You got to get one that has the colorful pictures that tempt her to put herself
in the woman’s position. (you know what I mean)

You have to realize (and never forget this): A woman’s imagination can be triggered in
seconds! She can go through a full blown experience and adventure in her mind before
you can even blink. As far as the actual content, I find them to be too therapeutic and too
much from a female’s perspective. Trying to learn “real” secret high powered sexual
techniques (that a man can perform on her) from these books is like trying to run up an
icy mountain with dress shoes…

I was looking at one of these books with my lady one day. We had decided to take turns

reading sections. It turned out to be the most boring thing ever – which was a shock to
The room got cold and clinical. It surprisingly just didn’t work
I told her that the book was too feminine (I might have used the word “gay” who knows).

She actually got mad as if there wasn’t a such thing as a “female’s perspective” which
leads me to something else...

Did you know that people (throughout the course of a day) tend to unconsciously assume
that everyone thinks like them? And that everyone feels and reacts to the same things the
same way they do...
It’s called projection.

For example, they’ll interview a thief in the police room and he’ll say something like:
“Come on guys! Everyone has robbed someone at least once in his life.”
Interrogators will often exploit the reality of “projection” to get criminals to tell on them

At any rate, there is a “noticeable” difference in how men and women think. Just for
starters, women are more emotional (nurturing) and imaginative. As little girls they enjoy
fairy tales…

You can even make the case that some women have not outgrown their childlike
“daydreaming” habit patterns…

Nevertheless, the unilateral (one-sided) point of view from these colorful sex books
offers no value to a man seeking to enhance his sexual abilities.
We (men) tend to be logical…

At any rate, DO NOT waste your time trying to get content from these books. In other
words, if you are looking to improve your sexual performance, don’t look in those books.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record right about now, but I can not stress it enough.
I saw a guy in the bookstore awhile ago with 3 of them under his arms! It took every
muscle fiber in my body to stop myself from bursting out into a violent laughter…
But I do have a secret to share and you’ll discover it in a few seconds…
And this is strictly for guys who are serious about learning the secrets to female pleasure.
(you know, if you are a female orgasm mad-scientist like me)

Also keep it in mind as we move along because it reveals a common flaw that some guys

The flaw: They ask her how she likes to be pleased sexually.

Technically it is a partial flaw, because there is a right time to ask. The problem is there is
a certain level in which you should not ask… (and once I explain it to you, you will never
have to ask)
This may be confusing, but I will clear it up completely with the “hotdog analogy”.
Again, do not ask a woman to teach you sexual techniques…
You would think women would be able to instruct you on what they really like sexually,
but it just doesn’t work like that.
Correction, it doesn’t work like that if you want to be effective…
As you know - if you open up one of these “so called” sexual technique books (especially
ones that are from a females’ perspective) you will often see stuff like a photo of a
beautiful nude couple sharing apple slices on the sofa…
What kind of shit is that?!
If you kind of treat those books as subliminal porn then you are on to something.
I’ll explain this very quickly and after that we will get into what I call an “awesome

It’s kinda like:

Hey sweetie, remember when we talking about ways to communicate better (something
that is going to appeal to what all women want), something just made me open this
book… on page 83 they are talking about the 6 Ways A Man Can Understand and
Sympathize Better With A Woman, blah blah blah….
You’ll see a flash behind her eyes – that’s when you know you got her attention…
But meanwhile on that same page, there is a picture of guy sucking on a woman’s clit like
it’s a 5 cent gumball…

Subliminal porn.

Again, it may not work with all women. And the situation has to be right.
It’s a fun little thing to try out – later we will get to something that is very effective and it
will work for every woman. She’ll love it and I know for a fact that you have never done

Getting back to what I was just talking about – if you have a certain status in your
relationship you’ll be able to the old subliminal porn thing with ease. Even if she figures

out what you are up to, the affects should be the same.
See some women are not as open to watching real porn – even though this could have an

amazing affect on…so seeing a “perceived innocent” picture of a guy waving a feather
across a woman’s belly is like you watching Double Penetration Teen Nurses 5.

By the way, if you ever hear a guy say “I learned sexual techniques from watching porn!”
you have my permission to slap the human piss out of him! Then take a glass of cold ice
water and just throw it in his face!

There are some guys “secretly” walking around as Sex Masters.
These guys are not lazy.

These guys are not morons.

If you want to learn sexual techniques that are going to make her orgasm like crazy, then
DO NOT buy those “miniature art galleries”. (you can buy them for the reasons
explained earlier – subliminal porn)

DO NOT attempt to learn from “real porn”.
DO NOT expect to get “the real deal” from surfing on the web and typing in “sex tips” or
something like that…

I have found a book that I like to refer to as my “secret weapon”.
The best thing about it is that it is crystal clear to read and the author only puts the most
powerful information in there. I’ve personally been reading books on female pleasure
since I was 15 years old (when I used to sneak them off the top shelf of my dad’s

I personally know that there are literally over millions of books on this subject – that date
back to ancient times.

The author of the book that I am talking about makes my library of sex books look like

If you think you know it all, I got news for you. This book will humble you…
I do not personally know the author. We have never met, but I did send him a “excellent
job – thumbs up endorsement” email…

This is something I something that I rarely rarely ever do – even if I am impressed.
Wait to you hear about the stuff this guy reveals…

By the way, if a man has done this technique on your wife (or girlfriend) in the past and
you have just been doing the basics, then I don’t know what to say. (by the way, as I
typed that I actually snickered out loud).

Chances are extremely high that he has given her an “eyes wide” orgasm that she still

thinks about - even if his penis is half the size of yours!!!
You are not just going to wake up one day and come up with technique…
But hey if you had his library of hundreds of books on female pleasure, you would
probably be giving seminars on female pleasure, too. Teaching guys how to become Sex

The author actually gives sex seminars teaching guys how to be Sex Masters.
When I read that part in the beginning of the book, I envisioned this secret society of men
underground learning to do things to women that the average guy would never know
about in his lifetime.

Let’s dive into it…

But first this is the #1 reason why should never say “tell me how to please you” to her…
Let’s pretend you are walking down the street eating a hotdog. Life is great and then out
of nowhere a samurai master leaps out of tree and lands perfectly in front of you. He is in
a battle pose and his sword is shimmering in the sunlight. His jump startles you and
makes you drop your hotdog so you call him an inconsiderate bastard!

He holds his sword in the air and 5 seconds later you have about 6 slices across your
chest. It’s painful but not deep enough to kill you.

Then he runs away in a flash.
If a police officer asked you what he did to you, what are you going to say? Are you
going to be able to explain to some average guy off the street how to do exactly what the
samurai master has done to you?

Are you going to say:

First he slanted his sword 45 degrees with respect to its
original position and then he tucked in his right elbow
just enough to make sure he didn’t cut my head off with the
first slice. Then he rotated the sword hand 17 degree
counter clockwise and proceeded with the second slice
across my chest making it parallel to the first slice and
next he...

Chances are you didn’t know what he hit you!!
And how the hell can you expect to? The guy is friggin’ master for Pete’s sake!
The nerve of you!

The only thing you can speak about is the results of what he did. That’s the only thing
you can evaluate.

The same works when you are screwing the brains out of a woman.
The first thing you have to realize is that there is a difference between giving her an
orgasm and giving her a powerful orgasm…
Don’t be the average guy that just settles for giving her a basic orgasm.
This is what I mean. If you ever (at least once) had sex with a woman to the point where
is scratching, and biting and she has that “this is incredible” intense look on her face, then
you know there is a difference…

And you know that this is one of the greatest feelings a man can have.
Sex feels great by itself.

But real men care about pleasing women and they feel a sense of conquering in a good
way. In a way that reminds you that you are not a selfish lover.
When she is having a powerful orgasm she is literally seconds away from passing out.
Think about that for a second.
From a pleasure standpoint some women truly get overwhelmed by their own orgasms.
The intensity builds for them.

So my point is this: Do not offend the precious lady and ask her to explain how to please
In other words, if somehow you got the balls and heart of steal to convince her to be
honest about the best time she was screwed by a guy so that you could get her to explain
what was done to her, you are not going to get the information needed to duplicate his
results. (assuming that it wasn’t you)

It just doesn’t work like that.

Getting sliced across your chest by a Professional Samurai (who could care less that he
scared you and made you drop your hotdog) does not make you qualified to secure a
lecture hall for the purpose of teaching Samurai Swordsmanship 101.
This is what I mean - When a master is at work, the victim can not explain how to do the
actual skill. The victim can only tell you how it made him feel.

The same applies to women!

Think about it.
Not only that, when a guy is making her orgasm she has chemicals floating around in her
brain that makes her feel as though she is floating in the clouds. Her vagina is pulsating

like crazy. The ONLY THING she knows is that there is a penis inside her and it is
making her feel sensational… that’s it!

There is no deep-level thinking taking place on her part.
She is not mentally recording and calculating your thrust routine.
So don’t waste your time asking her to help you in this area.
I hope you don’t do this. In fact, I’m certain that you do not do this – but many guys do.

Besides when she is having a “body shaking” orgasm, she is not trying to figure out what
you are doing. She is mindlessly accepting the pleasure. (assuming that you are pleasing

I have discovered that some women actually can’t wait for SEX to be over. Trust me,
these women do not consider themselves lucky.
Wives cheat when the sex is bad.

It’s almost as if their husbands assume that she doesn’t know how awesome sex can be.
What comes first - the delusion or the ego?
One thing I learned from my very first relationship (long ago) when I was in the second
grade: Women don’t forget anything regarding their relationship and their past

Brace yourself: I am about to share with you exactly why this book is a 5 Star Classic.
Here are more reasons why you should (this second) start reading this book (which will
literally transform you into a sex master overnight).
You will learn:

Go to LustPower dot com now!

• Learn how to create an “itch” in her to the point where she’ll beg for
you to touch her clitoris or vagina. She may even try to forcefully place
your hand down there. (It’s fun and to not give in right away – tease

her until her hips squirm and dance - even if she gets mad at you.)
• If you think it is important to be a man that understands female
pleasure, then don’t just read this book and say wow that was
cool, actually perform this stuff on a woman!

• Learn the 3 step process for the “??????” [oral technique] – This is a
fun oral sex technique that she will love (especially if she enjoys having
her vagina licked – you know if she is a woman). My recommendation
is that you keep practicing it until you perfect it. (I never thought there
would be a oral sex technique that requires practicing. LOL)
• In my opinion (because I am a self-proclaimed vagina-eating
expert), the difference between a guy being good at orally
pleasing a women is based on this “hidden factor”.

• Once you learned the important of “this”, you will discover that there is
a right way and a wrong way to do it. (This was an eye-opener for me.
By the way, a man that can’t make a woman have an earth shattering
orgasm by licking directly on her clitoris should be put to sleep!)
• When she is approaching a clitoral orgasm “this” is some you
should always do. (most guys miss the boat) It surprisingly kicks
in some extra pleasure that will make her want to pull your hair
• The 5 Fundamental Mistakes of Female Stimulation (this content on
this page alone is worth over $300! because you can make these
changes and see results instantly – even before you start doing the
• Learn how to you can orgasm without semen emission. That way
you can orgasm over and over again.
• The key to lasting as long as you would like in the bedroom.

- 10 -
• Learn simple exercises that can stimulate the penis over a period
of months to enlarge to its maximum length and thickness. (learn
the real secrets)
• What is the number one trait that women find sexy?
• What is the number one trait that women find unsexy?
• You will learn a step by step process to stimulate her G-Spot.
• The #1 problem that most men have about sex (that they don't

• The 3 things that it takes to be a sexual skilled husband?
• How to achieve a full body erupting (energetic) orgasm? (instead
of just a penis orgasm – 97% of men achieve only this)
• The trick to understanding your penis (and complete sexual region)
that will allow you to bring intense please to her? (How many of the 10
parallels do you know)?
• Learn the number of orgasms a woman has been observed
having (clinical observation) in a session. The result will make
you fall off of your chair!
• The “one thing” you better know about her orgasms. (Hint: It is not
what you think. I’m convinced that only 1% of guys will ever know it in
their life time. )
• Learn the “masturbation trick” that will make you a better lover.

• You will learn “The Perfect Sex Position” – scientifically designed and
proven "best" position for providing her with the greatest pleasure
during intercourse.
• The best part is when you are looking at the expression and
shock on her face while she is cumming. (especially if she has
told before you that she only can orgasm via oral sex)
• There is nothing in the world that provides a greater feeling of knowing
that you can please your woman sexually!
I’m not going to ruin anymore of it for you.
Remember this is resource that is yours forever. If you don’t think it important to have
knowledge about Female Stimulation, then move aside a let someone else get their copy.
If this “information” if important to you, then you will not only read the book, you will
perform this on your female partner over and over again.
The information (what you will learn):
• You Will Learn and Explore The Benefits Of The Female Ejaculatory Orgasm
• How To Maintain Your Erections For As Long As You Desire
• How To Become A "Multi-Orgasmic Male"
• How To Increase The Intensity And Duration Of your Orgasms
• How To Achieve "Non-Ejaculatory" Orgasms
• How To Be An Expert At Oral Sex
• How To Discover Your Partner's Deepest Sexual Needs And Desires
• How To Find And Stimulate Your Partner's G-Spot
• You Will Learn How To Avoid The Five Fundamental Mistakes Of Female

• You Will Learn All About The Sex Position That Guarantees That You And Your
Partner Experience Simultaneous Orgasms.

If you think it is important to please women, start reading today and
Become a Sex Master (yep, overnight) – Click Here Immediately
CR James

Go to LustPower dot com now!

P.S. After you read the technique that will make her cum like crazy which starts
on pg 70, go back to page 21 to read one of the Sex Master students quote
about his approach to this sex trick (this was a brilliant way of explaining it).

1. Become a Sex Master Today
2. Be the best lover she has ever had
3. Smile on the inside when you see that intense look of pleasure on her precious
face when she is having a powerful explosive orgasm

Go to now!

Warmest Regards,�
CR James

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