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The 2 Scary Reasons Why The Rejections Will Continue To Get Worse:

The 2 Scary Reasons Why
The Rejections Will Continue To Get Worse:

Why Guys Keep Getting Turned Down For Sex

If you want to end the rejections, here is the good news. It’s possible. One of things you are going to hear me talk about in exhausting detail is the importance of believing it is possible.

I know guys who believe it’s impossible to change their situation. These guys have no hope, and as a result they will never get the results they want.

Remember there have been plenty of poor people who have became rich. So you must believe that it’s possible to go from one extreme to the other extreme.

That’s really all you are doing.

Once you start getting sex more frequently (where she is actually turned on), understand that all you are doing is going from one extreme to another extreme.

I get guys that ask me all the time:

“Is it really possible for my wife to start wanting and enjoying sex with me again?”

The answer is obviously YES, but for some strange reason, every guy in the universe who is in this situation thinks there is a good reason why his wife is the exception.

He’s wrong.

He’s wrong.

He’s wrong.

If she is a warm blooded human female with a vagina, then she has the ability to get turned on to the point where she will want sex.

If she is a warm blooded human female with a vagina, then she has the ability to get turned on to the point where she will want sex with you – as long as you do Certain Things that are predictably designed to affect her the right way…

If she is a warm blooded human female with a vagina, then she has the ability to get turned on to the point where she will want sex with any man – as long as he does Certain Things that are predictably designed to affect her the right way…

If you think she has a low sex drive.

Then what you are really saying is she has a low sex drive with you – because deep down inside you already know that if you locked her in the room with a Certain Guy she would be so turned on (and vaginally slippery) that she would want him inside of her forever.

Once you realize, believe and understand that you have the ability to make her crave sex with you then most of the work is done.

That’s how it works.

People can go from one extreme to another extreme as long as they believe it is possible.

You can go from skinny to fat.

You can go from fat to skinny.

You can go from poor to rich.

You can go from rich to poor.

You can go from being a guy with no sexual value to being a guy with sexual value.

You can go from being a guy with sexual value to being a guy with no sexual value.

I have talked to many, many, many guys who used to gets lots of sex in their relationship, but now they hardly ever have sex.

They used to have sexual value. Now, they don’t.

The problem is these guys tend to think that don’t have the ability to change (in the other direction).

They accept the fact that they lost sexual value, but for some reason they think it is impossible to gain sexual value.

That’s like saying a person can go from being skinny to fat – but once he becomes fat can never become skinny again.

“It is a person’s choice to go from one extreme to another extreme.”

Some guys will never learn how to turn their female partners on.

"It is the individual who creates his reality."

You have already traveled down the right path if you have made it this far. There will be guys that won't believe there is hope. I can not do anything about this.

Trust me, those guys are out there.

Here are the reasons why the rejects will get worse.

Scary Reason # 1: If she repeatedly rejects you for sex, she is going to develop a habit of rejecting you. So she will automatically reject you without even being fully aware of it!

Her unconscious mind becomes trained through repetition. Everyone's unconscious mind becomes trained through repetition - it is kind of like what happens when you are driving - where over time you began to automatically make minor steering corrections without being fully aware that you are doing it.

That means that even if you begin to do things the right way (as far as turning her on), it will feel comfortable for her to reject you. That means deep down she will not want sex with you. She will automatically reject you.

Does this make sense?

It comes down to one thing and one thing only:

You must increase your Sexual Value.

When she rejects you over and over again, she is going to perceive you as a Reject - even though she was the one that rejected you.

Believe me, I know it doesn’t seem fair.

The problem is these repeated rejections will eat away at your sexual value! - which makes the rejections more justified and more frequent.

This dynamic happens all the time. It deserves more analysis than what it is getting. How many times have you heard about a couple that had sex like crazy in the beginning, then years later the woman never wants sex.

This is a gradual process.

The rejections got worse.

Her going from hot and horny in the beginning to cold and turned off was a gradual process. Meaning it didn’t happen over night.

It's not like one week she’s hot and horny every day where she is on the bed rubbing herself – squirming on the bed with that itch between her legs giving you the sexy eyes BUT the next week she is completely repulsed by sex – and she makes up excuses or strategically structures her life to make sex completely inconvenient.

It does not work like that. The rejections got a little worse and a little worse and they will continue to get worse until the guy strategically gets out of the bad sex cycle.

If you are in the Rejection Cycle, then move into the Happy Sex Cycle right now.

Q g P

The Rejection Cycle The Happy Sex Cycle

(rare sex where she is barely into it) Consistent Mutually Turned-On Sex

Repulsion: You are repulsing her Magnetism: You are magnetizing her

STEP 1: You must believe that it is possible to move into the Happy Sex Cycle, because if you don’t you will sabotage yourself. The good news is that it is easy to believe, because all you are doing is going from one extreme to another extreme.

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Let’s Continue…

Do you want to know why this is great news?

And what I mean is situations where the guy enters a relationship – the sex is great in the beginning – but then it gets worse – and then it continues to get worse.

So do you want to know why this is great news?

Here’s a hint: The great news has nothing to do with understanding that it is possible.

The great news is that it is proof that it is possible to increase your sexual value.

Because our world (universe) is based on dualities.

There has to be a left in order for there to be a right.

There has to be an up in order for there to be a down.

There has to be a cold in order for there to be a hot.

If your sexual value can decrease with a particular female, then by law it can increase.

That is how it works.

(I know I’m repeating myself, so let’s move onto Scary Reason #2)

Otherwise you'll continue to train her unconscious mind to automatically find you repulsive. And the rejections will get worse.

That’s a harsh reality.

Scary Reason # 2: As if Reason #1 wasn't enough...

I want you to really think about what I am about to say (you won’t find anyone discussing this), because if you are not doing the things to increase your sexual value then it will be rapidly decreasing…

Think about the guy (celebrity or whatever) who can sleep with women with ease. With little effort, the women are turned on and horny.

This is a guy with a lot of sexual value, right?

If you are getting rejected from your wife, you have little sexual value, right?

Well of course.

It’s actually worse than that…

This should help:

Imagine being on a date with a 900 lb woman (or any woman who you regard as

having zero sexual value). She has no sexual value but she is a nice girl who is fun to be around.

But all of the sudden she goes into "I want sex with you" mode.

And you are thinking "oh no" I got to come up with an excuse (because to you she has no sexual value). It is not that you don't like her. It is just sexually, you would rather not have sex with her.

Do you have a libido problem?

No. You just don’t want to have sex with her.

The whole time you are thinking: I have to come up with a good excuse, because I don't want to hurt her feelings. But she keeps trying and trying - to the point where she is no longer fun. Imagine being around her even more as she sexually pursues you.

Would you get angrier as time went on?

Isn't this bad tension?

Isn't this stress?

Isn't this non-relaxing?

Wouldn't it be much more relaxing (and a sigh of relief) to be around someone else who was fun, since she is no longer fun?

Wouldn't you just naturally move towards someone that was more fun to be around?

Wouldn't the new & fun person, appear to be even more fun, the more the 900 lb woman stressed you out?

Think about that.

If you met a new woman (let’s say she’s the new girl at work) and let's say she was 600 lbs.

The only way Ms. 600 would appear thinner (or more appealing) without actually becoming thinner is if the 900 lb woman gained another 300 lb.

Did you follow that?

In other words, if the 900 pound woman gained 300 more pounds (that makes 1200 lbs) - she would have decreased her sexual value even more (for the purpose of this analogy we are equating sexual value with weight) AND IN ADDITION TO THAT she would have increased the perceived sexual value of the 600 pound woman.

So in other words, the 600lb woman became sexier (or appeared sexier) without actually doing anything.

Let’s make is super easy to understand.

The 900lb woman’s decrease in sexual value (by gaining an extra 300lbs), increased the sexual value of all women collectively!

Are you aware of the point to all of this?

If you have no sexual value with your female partner, you are advertising and making other guys more appealing as time goes on.

That’s the harsh reality.

Oh it gets worse…

So as your sexual value decreases - the rejections will continue to get worse – and the sexual value of every guy in the galaxy will continue to increase (or at least that’s how it will feel to her)…

If you enjoyed this report and you found it useful do not hesitate to email it or forward it to a friend that might also benefit from the material.

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Date: Nov 1, 2005 8:32 PM

Subject: CR, Where is XXXXXXXX


Reading over most of your reports, I am understanding better a huge problem in my marriage. You see, for some odd reason...

[paragraph cut out]

I have gotten the advice that I should move on so that she can [xxxxxxx], thereby giving her the feelings she DESPERATELY craves (your Wives are Easier to Seduce report made me cringe), and I have gotten advice saying that if I focus on being

loving, feelings will appear between us, because love is a commitment and a choice, not a feeling. Soooo....

[paragraph cut out]

My apologies, since this IS a long email, but this has been a huge problem in our relationship for five years and we are both nearing the end of our rope.

[paragraph cut out]

Your information is truly king. I wont be surprised if centuries or even decades from now your information is required reading for those in the Marriage/Counseling/Behavioral Psychology fields.


Your graciously,


Again I wanted to include the reaction without revealing anything in particular out of fairness. If you go to you can read actual case studies of what guys did to increase their sexual value.


CR James

Author of Super Sex Power: Magnetism

“Increase your sexual value today!”

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