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The secret to seducing certain types of women

The secret to seducing certain types of women

CR James

The secret to seducing certain types of women
Recently I've been hit with the same question over and over again.
Guys want to know how to seduce a certain type of woman.
In other words, these guys realized they are with a certain type of woman, and now they
want to know the best way to seduce that particular type of woman
It's a good question.

But no one asks the real question
The real question is: How many sub-personalities does she have? (in other words, how
many types is she)and how do I identify when she is in one of those types?
The truth is these sub-personalities determine
How serious she is at that time
Her voice tone
Her energy level
How she responds to you

A bunch of little stuff like that
Power Tip: When you can identify her current sub-personality, all of the seduction
knowledge that is stored in your brain becomes more useful, beneficial and effective
Makes sense?

You see when you identify her 'type' or 'personality type' or 'psychological make-up' it
gives you an unspeakable advantage (and the secret is, you don't have to be trained to
identify what is obvious, because you have the amazing ability to make a human

Anyone who sees this is much more in-tuned than the average guyI should know,
because I talk to tons of guys and trust me the average guy only wants to know how to
seduce women

But the guywho wants to know how to seduce a specific type is on to something...
(maybe you have wondered about this. If so, you are way ahead of most guys.)

How do I seduce a woman who is shy?
How do I seduce a woman who is very confident?
Again, what you really want to start thinking about is sub-personality identification
That is the key my friend

Think about it let's just say you have classified a particular woman as a certain type.
For example you classify her as being a shy girl (because 75% of the time she is
reserved). The question is: What is going to happen when she begins to operate from a
more outgoing perspective?

Some women are shy for the most part, but when they are in certain environments they
are no longer shy.
Some women are shy for the most part, but when they are talking about certain things
they are no longer shy.

You see if she isn't in shy mode AND you are still looking at her as Shy Girl than your
approach is going to be supremely compromised
and it doesn't matter how much seduction information you have installed in your

Now let's put it altogether by looking at it in another way (a special way!)
And this will tie everything together(oh yeah, not that this is a topic on how to seduce
shy girls, but if you own a copy of SSP then I will tell you that the SC System is
PERFECT for shy girls just in case, you didn't figure it out already.)
Let's get back on track

And let me note, that I'm using 'shy girls' as an example of a 'type' of female, because
it's important to understand that your results will depend strictly on how well your
approach (the signals you send) matches with her type.
Here's an example that stresses the importance of identifying her type.

Two girls could be considered SHY

But Jenna (Girl #1) is shy 90% of the time at an intensity of 7 (on a scale of 1
10; 10 being extremely shy) and 10% of the time she is somewhat shy at an
intensity of 5
And Alexis (Girl #2) is shy 60% of the time at an intensity of 9.5, 20% of the time
at an intensity of 8, 20% of the time at an intensity of 2 (meaning she is extremely

Please make sure you follow that (read it a few times if you have to) btw, this is the
kind of math that is fun. And if I ever become a math professor, everyone would get A's
(at least the guys would)

For 10,000 points,which girl is more shy? (Jenna or Alexis)
(scroll down for answer)

Answer: It depends on when you ask the question
At certain times (and situations/moods/environments etc), Jenna will be more shy and
other times Alexis will be more shy.
Besides, it doesn't matter what the woman is like overall! (i.e. her overall type). The only
thing that matters is her type at the particular moment in time.
What matters is what she is like at the time you execute your arsenal of seduction
knowledge. Because that way you know which one of the seduction techniques stored
in your brain to apply
It really is that simple.

Timing is the key to being effective at anything in this world.
Could you imagine getting a speeding ticket?
Officer: Here you go sir, sign here.
You: I'm sorry, officer. This ticket does not apply to me,
because I follow the speed limit 97% of the time. So
overall I am a Speed Limit Follower. You can either throw
away that silly ticket or charge me 3% of the fine!
Officer: Step out of the car asshole!

As you can clearly see this type of thinking doesn't hold up in the real world
I know a guy who says he has mastered every technique and philosophy (which I think is
more important) that I have every produced. But something goes wrong for him He has
the amazing ability (much better than average) to memorize and demonstrate persistence,
but is lacking in the identifying department.
In other words, the average man has an identifying rating of 5.0 (this is the ability to
make a human observation)
Well his rating was a 1.0

So he would study a pre-planned strategy for cultivating sexual desire to the point where
it made a lot of sense to him, then with wired eye-balls he would rush over to his poor
lovely wife and bombard her with dialogues then he pause for a few seconds and look
her up and down starring her in the pupils waiting for her to sexually attack him

It doesn't work like that.
So I had to teach him basic human observation skills. (A skill that you already have)
Here's the good news for you. (And this is how I always look at knowledge)
If all of this stuff makes sense to you (even a little bit), then automatically your
Identifying Rating has increased!
That's how it works.

In fact, by law it has to increase (so this is going to benefit you even if you still feel the
same)because anytime you power up your Mental Motor (your philosophy that
defines how you approach anything in life) you are forced to become better at things
So I would strongly urge you right now, to take the time to identify all of her subpersonalities.
(i.e. the woman you are in a relationship with or the woman you are
interested in)
You don't have to have a Masters in Psychology to do this
Just keep it super simple. For example:

Happy & Loving Brenda
Bitchy Brenda
Afraid Brenda
Party Brenda

If you said 'let's get wild and crazy and just take our clothes off right now!!!!'
Even though I'm shocked that you would say something so damn corny, do you think
Bitchy Brenda and Party Brenda would have different responses to that?
As a matter of fact there were several guys who used a certain SSP technique to make
their wives incredibly horny, to the point where one guy asked me if it was voodoo.
LOL (because he never seen a woman ever -- get that horny before so he thought he
was doing something evil. LOL!

To me, it's funny, but let's be fair and respectful: Women have the right to get horny just
like a guy does.
But get this

Another guy used the voodoo technique (that's not what it's really called) and his wife
started crying!!

I'm talking about the exact same technique (or pre-planned strategy) (or compassionate
method of allowing her to reach a state of mind where she is comfortable with expressing
an intense version of her basic human desire to have sex)
The reason is simple. He had a very poor Identifying Rating.

If you can tell the difference between her sub-personalities (and for some reason many
guys can't) AND you employ sensible techniques that create a natural and healthy
desire in women than you are in the Top 2% of Seducers (Guys who are Ninja-Skilled at
turning women on) in the world
Read that again.

Here's an example of something that is not sensible (to me)
Someone sent me a link to site where a guy was talking about how to get women horny

The expert in so many words said all you need to do is lick on her earlobe and she'll
get horny as hell. That's the secret.

I almost fell out of my chair from laughing so damn hard!
The article had other humorous suggestions that nearly made me pass out from laughing.
And apparently a lot of guys respect this so called expert.

(I'm only sarcastic 10% of the time at any intensity of 10.00)

But he said he ended up screwing the woman after licking her earlobe so he knew the
process of licking her earlobe was effectiveListen I'll get to the point because my
10% is almost up. And I'll compassionately (about 70%) keep the expert free from
public bashing

Licking a woman's earlobe does not get a woman horny
And Rubbing her legs does not get a woman horny.
And Rubbing her arms does not get a woman horny.
(permission to gasp)

Licking a woman's earlobe let's the woman who is already horny for you know that you
are also horny for her. LOL. That's itmy friend.
I don't know how else to put it.

If it were really effective (this is what I mean by sensible techniques) than a homeless
crack head could walk up to a woman and lick her woman's earlobe and get the same

Peace Love And Happiness
Instructor CR James
Your Secret Weapon

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