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Super Sex Power:

This can also double as a secret formula to Amazing Sex. You’ll see
what I mean.

If you haven’t read The HATE/LOVE Swing (one of the Super
Bonuses), I suggest you read it first (again) because that report is the
introduction to this concept.
Before I tell you the power of this technique, I will give you the
Ultimate Analogy:
The Ultimate Analogy: What would happen if you just slowly slid
your penis into her vagina and held it there???

By the way, when you are done reading this you will instantly see the
power. You’ll be one of the few guys on earth that can benefit from
this technique and you will see it working in every phase.
The results are the only thing that matters.

Again: What would happen if you just slowly slid your penis into her
vagina and held it there???

And by that, I mean what is happening to her from a pleasure
Think about it.

She will feel pleasure as it enters and when you are no longer
moving (thrusting) the pleasure will slowly dissipate (go away). Right?
The same goes for you.

OK – Different question:

What would happen if you slowly pulled it out and just kept the “head”

The same thing! She will feel pleasure from the friction as you pull
out and then as you hold it in one spot, the pleasure (for you and her)
will slowly go away…
Again, this is an analogy for this technique: Emotional Power
Thrusting (The Keyword being “Emotional” – because in order to
sexually inspire a female, you must be able to affect her emotionally.)
Do you agree?

And if you don’t agree, that’s fine. Just know that you are wrong!

So I’ll repeat:
In order to “sexually inspire” a female, you must be able to affect her
If you have no impact on her emotions, it will be near impossible to
seduce (sexually inspire) her – which means you will compromise the
amount of sex you have with her.
So this is just an analogy, if you are interested in actually learning
about sexual techniques then go to: (I highly
recommend you read this. If you are interested in learning how to
drive her wild in bed from your sexual performance, then read this
some time today. Every man should know this information. I can’t
stress it enough. It took me a lot of hours researching, reading and
reviewing different sexual technique books to find a good trustworthy
sex book that was worth my recommendation.)

With that said, this “thrusting talk” has to do with her emotions. We
are going to discuss turning her on – not sexual performance.
But in case you weren’t aware, her perception of your actual
performance goes up dramatically when she is extremely turned on.

Sexual performance is very important.
BUT! Jumping back to it again: She has to be turned on in order for
your performance to matter. You have to affect her mind. She has to
be into you.
Most guys’ thinking is severely flawed. I sometimes feel like banging
my head up against the wall.
If you have no sexual value, she will not cum even if you put on an
Olympic 5-Star World Class sexual performance…
When she is turned on like crazy, she becomes an animal! Her
tolerance for pain goes up, her eyes slant and she’ll have a sweet
smell to her…
On the other end, it doesn’t matter how rough she likes it, she has to
be into YOU.

Do you think women enjoy being rapped?
Do you think she is into the guy that rapes her and forces her to have
Do you think it would matter at all what he did on a performance
But what if he was the Tiger Woods of stroking?
Nope. It wouldn’t matter!
She has to be into the GUY.
She has to be “emotionally” into YOU.
You have to have (relative) Sexual Value.

With that said, this thrusting talk has to do with her emotions (getting
her into you). We are going to discuss turning her on – and the
associated intensity (i.e Horny Level)
Think about the sexual thrusting analogy that you read earlier. And
the affects it has on her pleasure. Remember she feels the pleasure
from going in and going out. The movements.

If the two of you were interacting while she was in a happy mood and
you did something that made her sad (by accident of course – this
happens all the time) she will feel the intensity of the emotional
In simple terms, the perception of sadness is going to be magnified
due to its relationship with her existing state of mind.
In super simple terms: She is going to feel more sad as a result of
your action because she was happy at first.
This often goes unnoticed. But if you looked at what happens on the
reverse end, it becomes crystal clear.

For example, what is going to make her happier?
[A] Buying her roses while she is happy.
[B] Buying her roses while she is sad or upset.
The correct answer is [B].
Because you have to remember, the intensity of pleasure comes from
the transition (thrusting) more so than the stand-still state of mind.
The transition from happy to sad is where the energy is.

Think about our sex analogy from earlier. The pleasure is in the
I don’t know about you, but I have never been able to cum from just
holding it in there (without moving and thrusting).
The pleasure comes from the “series” of movements - as you thrust in
and out of her.

The orgasm is a result of physical thrusting and emotional thrusting.
THEREFORE, you must have Sexual Value.
If you are a big pussy, then you will not benefit as much. (or at all)
On the Brightside, this could give you a little more Sexual Value.
When it is all said and done, it is fun to do things like this,
because you will always walk away with information.
You are merely researching. Researching is fun (most of the time).
Sometimes it can suck.
I was flipping through the television channels the other day –
speaking of research. And out of nowhere I was stopped dead in my
tracks when I saw this guy wide-eyed kissing up to this woman that
he barely knew.
And it was for real.

Then another guy was doing all of the “wrong things”.
Then another guy was doing all of the “wrong things”!
The show is called The Bachelorette.
This Orgy of Male Self-Emasculation thinly disguised as a dating
reality show had me laser-eyed glued for about 15 solid minutes until
I couldn’t take it anymore!!!

My fiancé asked me what I was doing watching such garbage and I
said softly “research”. Just watching the show I started to feel like a
little bitch!
If you watch that show you’ll see what I mean. For research purposes
I recommend that you (at least until you can’t take it anymore) watch
these guys in “action”.

This is a lesson on what not to do. Look at how she facially responds
to them. You’ll see what I mean.
I don’t know how this group of guys compare to past groups, but this
group is a collection of “Class A” Pussies!
I was mind-blown…
Put it this way, the pussy stench was so strongly emanating from my
television set, I had 32 male cats trying to claw their way into my
house! (at last count)

So I began to watch this display of testicular sacrifice until the urge to
rip off my own balls began to enter my mind too many times!
Talk about a disaster.

And on the other hand it is statistical masterpiece. Talk about the
odds. You are more likely to hit the lotto 3 times in a row before you
are able to successfully pack that many pussies in one room.
Let’s move on…
Because I am fresh out of “these guys are pussies” comments, but
more importantly we need to discuss emotional thrusting.
Let’s fast forward for a second and return back to the original

What would happen if you knew actually what sequence made her
cum and then modeled that with her emotions???
If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry. It will be cleared up in the
near future.

Back to normal speed…(and really that’s what this is all about)
Think about this.
When ever you brighten up a woman’s day or bring her out of some
type of mental stress/torment, it will always feel great to her…
And it should feel good to you to do that for her.
It is important that you realize that the emotional transition is where
the power is. When it is all said and done, you want her to be happy.
She is 100 times more likely to desire sex if she is happy…

It comes down to this (and only this):
Your sex life (dating and in relationships) will depend
tremendously on:

1. How she perceives you.
2. How she perceives sex.
3. What you do to control/help her perceptions of you.
4. What you do to control/help her perceptions of sex.
Do you see the power?
[Actually it was 43 cats!]
Once you are able to control the emotional changes positively in her it
takes on the same energy of “make up sex”.
And many people will argue that make up sex is the most
steamy type of sex in the galaxy.

The goal is to achieve intensity. In other words, you want to make
her horny as hell.

And nothing is wrong with that. I must also note that you will not want
to use any of this for evil.

The goal is not to trick her into sex. You do not want her to feel used
and cheap afterwards. You want her to be legitimately turned on. You
want her to feel a “real” attraction.
For your purpose, getting her into the bedroom is one thing.
Getting her in the bedroom turned on like crazy is another thing. In
order for that to happen, you must affect her emotionally.
Emotional Thrusting.

If you read the HATE/LOVE Swing (from, that is
packed with information that should get you started.
The details will be explained later (so be on the look out), but if you
get (understand) the concept fully in HATE/LOVE Swing, then you will
have a head start, because all you are going to do is do multiple
cycles instead of one cycle.

And you are going to do multiple types of extremes instead of one
type of extreme.

Chances are (just from reading that) you will need the follow up report
that I will be sending out shortly.

This is important because those that kind of “get it” can explain how
they used it (by emailing me) and I think it will help other guys out –
since there is so many ways this can be done.
Also the second technique in the same report (HATE/LOVE) was
hard to believe by some. You’ll be happy to know that it is true and it
possible and it actually works off of the same philosophy.

CR James

P.S. – Remember to be on the look out for the follow up report, but
then again this report had so many strong hints that you can probably
just ignore the report when it comes.

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