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Subliminal T-Shirt Seduction Technique

Subliminal T-Shirt Seduction Technique

CR James

This technique is pretty simple.
All it requires is that you have the ability to get your
female partner horny (or have the patience to wait for this
to happen on its own). And you must have access to some
horny literature.

The Horny Literature Piece:

To get some 'horny literature', do a search for erotic
literature, seduction story, sexy story or anything that
features steamy sex action.
Once you have found a few things that would turn your
female partner on if she read it, you are going to cut and
paste the information into a word document (or any word
processor that will allow you to create a watermark).
[Note: A watermark is the light image that you see in the

Next, you are going to create some unique design in
photoshop (or any design software) and make that a
watermark background for your Horny Literature Piece.
Something like:

ƒÑƒnƒÔƒnƒÖƒnƒ× ƒnƒÓƒnƒÒ

Does that make sense?
Now it's time for the Subliminal Apparel Piece:
The Subliminal Apparel Piece:
Now you are going to do a search for one of those companies
that allows you put custom designs on t-shirts, hats and

[Note: I use I'm not sure if they're the
cheapest, the best or whatever. It's just the one I know
that gets the job done. If you want to do a little
research, just type in something like 'custom t-shirts' in

Once you have found a site, create your unique design,
place it on the shirt and order it immediately.
When it's all said and done, you'll have:

* Your Horny Literature Piece and:
* Your Subliminal Apparel Piece

That's pretty much it.
So the idea is that you will:
1. Get her horny (or wait for her to get horny)
2. Then you will present the 'sexy literature' while she
is in the horny state allowing the water mark (visual
anchor) to burn into her subconscious mind
3. Then in the future, you will innocently wear your 'new
T shirt' which just happens to display the same water
mark that is in Horny Literature (she'll never pick up
on it):

This allows a triggering of horniness to happen. Also, you
might want to make sure that the environment is suitable
for sex. If you have 'sex obstacles' taking place (i.e. the
kids are up, or she is feeling sleepy, etc.) then that is
going to affect your results.

The degree of effectiveness will be based on:
* The intensity of her horniness when the subliminal
image (water mark) is covertly installed. In other
words when you are getting her to read it. Keep in
mind: The Horny Literature Piece is not used to get
her horny. Remember, she already has to be horny. The
HL Piece is designed to take her to a new level, give
her Horniness some sort of life & direction, distract
her conscious mind so that the subliminal watermark is

Very Important: You are going to go through the effort of
creating a T-shirt, paying for it and having it mailed to
you. The intensity is directly related to the effectiveness
of the trigger/anchor! So showing her the horny story when
she isn't already horny is not necessarily going to
guarantee that she becomes horny in which case, your Tshirt
may just end up triggering a state of curiosity.

I say this because in general, women do not get as instantly
turned on as men.

* The number of iterations (trials, exposures, etc) to
the subliminal watermark. You'll want to repeat this
process as much as possible.

Some important notes:
It's not magic, it's simply a visual anchor. Besides my
personal success with anchors (in many applications), there
is a wealth of cases out there that prove the

If you read about this type of stuff then may run across
many skeptics or people being very hesitant to validate its
I read this stuff and laugh.
It works for me.

I think these people are not seeing the simplicity.
Let's really break it down!
Basically, it's just a visual anchor.

Animals and humans have been scientifically proven to
automatically respond (emotionally and psychologically) to

Here's what I mean:

If for 5 straight days you fed your dog while wearing a
Black T-Shirt with a Red Bone on it, what do you think
would happen if you just randomly put on that T-shirt?
The dog will unconsciously recognize that visual pattern
and expect to be fed (and as a result, it's mouth would
begin to water).

In fact, most pets recognizes the visual pattern of seeing
their owner in the 'reaching to open the cabinet' body
position and as a result their mouths will salivate.
So not only is the parts of this technique scientifically
proven, it's seen in every day life.

It's that simple.

But I'm not done: (it gets better!)
Let's use a closely related example, to really make sure
that you see the power!

In fact, I had an ex-girlfriend who insisted that we make
love to our 'special song'. Well guess what?
All I had to do was play that song and she instantly got in
'let's make love' mood.

Is this the first time you've ever heard about a woman
getting sexually turned on just by hearing a love song (or
slow jam)?

Of course not!

So as you can see, I have used very common examples. And I
do this for the purpose of allowing you to see that this is
very effective. And it's very easy to do.
Of course, it does require that you get her horny initially
(or at least wait for her to get horny on her own if such
a thing happens for you).

After that you can Install The 'Horny-Trigger' Watermark!
And it's like installing a magic button on her back, where
all you have to do is press it and she will get horny.
There's a million ways you can introduce her to the Horny
Literature once you realize that she is definitely horny.
Let's say you are about to have sex and you the two of you
are lying in the bed. You could say:

'You know what. I need a female's opinion. Bob from work found this
crazy manual with various sex scenes under his wife's pillow and he
thought she might have been pleasuring herself to these bizarre sex
scenes. I told him what's the big deal, but he's still upset.'

As you can see, using the word bizarre makes her want to
see what's inside the manual.
Also - you can see that this allows for the 'Well honey, I
don't think that one was too bizarre.' which creates the
need to keep flipping through the book (which further burns
the watermark-horny-trigger into her unconscious mind).
An example in action:

If you want to see how I did it, then go the secret shop
that I set up at
(Also feel free to use the T-shirt with logo that I
created, but again you can create one yourself.)
In other words, the Red lighting Bolt that you see
displayed on the shirts is also used as the watermark of
the word document that I created.

So that's an example. You can easily create a document and
T-shirt on your own.

Because of it's so easy to do, it doesn't make sense not to
be doing some sort of visual pattern as part of your
seduction routine.

[If you have SSP Magnetism ( and you read MF
Density (one of the bonus reports), then you know that this is an
'Extra' MF Strand. If you haven't read it, don't worry everything
should make sense in this report.]

Personally, I don't rely completely on this as a means of
having sex with my woman. And the reason is simple, people
(especially women), don't necessarily act immediately on
their desires.

And this is actually a good thing!
Plus I believe in layers. (A multidimensional approach
instead of a one-dimensional approach)

If women always acted on their impulses, then 80% of the
male population would have been killed off. LOL.
The truth is, a woman may not rip your clothes off as soon
as she starts to feel a little horny:

They just don't act on their desires.
(So don't expect her to rape you as soon as you wear the

In fact, I remember being younger and being told that a
particular girl liked me. I was like: 'Really?!'
I found it hard to believe, because the girl never acted on
her desires.
Everything should make perfect sense by now...
And if that's the case, get started on your design
immediately my friend...
This is step by step simple technique.

And tons of 'laughing fun' when you see yourself actually
doing it:

Always remember that it is the build up of all sort of
signals (unconscious and conscious) that will assist in
getting her turned on with ease.

Special note: Just to give you a heads up, there is a new
experiment that I am currently working on. And that is
using 'horny stories' from top-rated erotic novels.
One of the challenges that I ran into when searching for
stories online is that most of them are user submitted. And
many of them seemed very weak.
That's when I thought about using the 'best of the best'
from proven novels.

So to keep pace with what I am actually working on, you'll
want to actually buy Horny Literature and extract the sex
scenes to use in your document.
Just search for 'best erotic novels' or 'top erotic
novels'. And then order them.

(If you are too lazy to search, don't worry my friend, I
let you use the same report I created. LOL. You'll notice
that I cleverly turned it into a 'stealthy game'.

I call it the Sex Scene Test. LOL. Basically the woman thinks
she is rating Sex Scenes that are in a short 9 page report
meanwhile these graphic scenes from top-rated novels are
running through her mind: PLUS the watermark in the
document just so happens to be the logo on a shirt that I

I think this kind of stuff is pretty interesting:
But wait..
It gets better!
John Bargh is a brilliant psychologist who did an
experiment at NYU.
He arranged to have two groups of students participate
in an experiment. The students had to unscramble
approximately 10 sentences until they were grammatically

For example: [bold was woman she a] would become
[she was a bold woman]

Make sense?

After they were finished, they had to take their results
to an office down the hall to the experimenter who would
give them their next assignment...

Here's where things got incredibly interesting.
The test really wasn't about unscrambling the set of
sentences. It was really about observing how the two groups
of students would respond to certain words that were
'covertly sprinkled' in the set of sentences.
So one set included words like:


And the other group had words like:


To measure the results they had each set of students
take their results to the experimenter in the office who
was interrupted by someone who was purposely holding up the
experimenter (and also the particular student waiting for
their next assignment)...

Bargh wanted to see how each group of students would

The results were mind blowing!
He initially predicted that there would be a slight
difference in the milliseconds range.

In fact, the group that was exposed to the 'bold' and
'aggressive' words interrupted on average about 5 minutes.
While the majority of the other group [82%] who were
exposed to the 'patiently' and 'courteous' words
never interrupted at all!

And get this: the test was predetermined to end after the
10 minute mark because Barge never expected New Yorkers to
wait the entire length. So who knows how long they would
have really waited.

Hopefully you see "another benefit" of the Subliminal TShirt
Seduction Technique and how it relates to the actual
experiment done at NYU.

When my buddy Clyde told me about this experiment, my jaw
dropped. You can read about it in the book 'Blink' (by
Malcolm Gladwell).

So with that said, once you get her to read the Sex Scene
Test, be sure to have her highlight the sentences of the
scene that she gave the highest score.

That way you will have a set of Magical Words that you can
use when needed. Plus you could uncover some things about
her sexual desires that you never knew.
It's a win-win for everyone.
Well that's it for now...

Take Care & Have fun!
(to see an example of the document)
(to see an example of the shirt)

Have fun!

Instructor CR James - Get her horny using the SSP
Seduction System

Peace Love And Happiness
Instructor CR James
Your Secret Weapon

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