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The 4 Deadly Mistakes When Trying To Seduce Your Wife

The 4 Deadly Mistakes When
Trying To Seduce Your Wife

When a guy gets turned down over and over again (during the seduction process) in his relationship with his wife (or girlfriend) he often attempts to make adjustments.

You are about to learn the 4 deadly mistakes guys make when attempting to correct the problem with their “not in the mood” female partner.

Deadly Wife Seduction Mistake # 1

Trying to learn how to be an awesome lover. I'm referring to becoming better in bed.

This may shock the hell out of you, but it's the wrong approach. I'll explain. Here is what the guy thinks:

The wrong approach: He thinks that if he becomes so good in bed, his wife will want to keep coming back for more.

Every guy thinks this. So just relax, it's normal.

Let's talk about why the thinking is flawed. Again, the guy thinks if he puts on a world class performance she will want it all the time. In reality, it doesn't matter how good you are in bed if you are a lousy sexual salesmen she will not buy into your offer. There is a such thing as poor salesmanship. And a poor salesman couldn't sell hundred dollar bills for 50 cents.

Trust me, I've seen poor salesman in action. And many cases they will talk themselves out of the sale. They actually end up convincing the person not to buy. Keep this in mind: SEX is the product and SEDUCING (or the word I like to use is SEXUALLY INSPIRING) is the process of selling the product. I'll give you another example.

I could be thinking about eating a bacon cheeseburger from a certain fast food restaurant. I know it tastes great because I had it before, but I'm not inspired to eat it.

But when I see the commercial (which seduces me), I suddenly have a strong urge to have it right now - and as a result I will hop in my car and drive out there to get it.

So it wouldn't matter at all if they kept trying to make the burger better and better and better.

So that is the mistake that guys make. They try to improve the product (i.e sex or the burger), but NOT the more important part:

The selling process (seduction).

If you have little sexual value, then your mission should be to increase it. And you can increase it. And it's not hard to do.

Just be sure to understand that what you do technically in the bedroom will not matter as much.

Remember, if a woman can cum from thought alone , then that must mean the mental side of things is very important . The great news, is that your sexual salesmanship is based purely (100%) on how effective you are at pressing her emotional and psychological hot buttons.

That's it.

Have you ever been caressing a woman and suddenly she begins to orgasm? I remember one time being alone with a female and things were getting hot and steamy. We still had our clothes on. I began rubbing her all over while kissing her. I stopped kissing her and just focused on rubbing her – in a matter of seconds she begins to orgasm.

If you get a woman really turned on, this can happen. It depends on the woman and your sexual value. My point is it wasn't the fact that she was being rubbed that resulted in her cumming. It was the fact that she was being rubbed by someone with sexual value.

So when guys try to learn how to be better in bed, they are not considering the most important part – and that is increasing their sexual value.

The right approach:

1 You must increase your sexual value

2 You must focus on selling (seduction) instead of improving the product (getting better at sex)

Deadly Wife Seduction Mistake # 2

The wrong approach: Focusing on how you should approach her for sex. This happens when the guy gets rejected and through some sort of perceived logical process he concludes that the rejection was a rejection of how he approached her.

Here is why the thinking is flawed.

Again, the guy thinks that he has to approach her a certain way and then she will accept him.

If you have little sexual value it doesn't matter how you approach her. That's like saying:

What would a 900lb woman have to do to get you in the mood?

If she has no sexual value to you, then the answer is nothing. Imagine if you saw her obsessing over how to approach you for sex. That is actually the perfect analogy because guys are more physically turned on, whereas women are more psychologically turned on. (so we tend to associate sexual value with looks)

Wouldn't you agree that in order for you to want sex, her sexual value would have to increase.? (i.e. by losing weight)

Focusing on how to initiate sex is 100% meaningless is you have no sexual value.

If you have done the things to increase your sexual value, it really won't matter how you initiate sex.

The right approach:

  1. You must increase your sexual value.
  2. You must understand that you do have the ability to increase your sexual value.

Deadly Wife Seduction Mistake # 3

The wrong approach: Trying to give her pills/herbs to make her horny. Here is why the thinking is flawed.

You can read a similar analogy on (scroll down to the first Yellow Box)

If you have no sexual value then it doesn't matter if the pills succeed in getting her horny.

This actually could work against you in some cases. Here's the deal, if she gets horny and you have no sexual value, then she would rather masturbate than to have sex with you.

And the reason why it could work against you over the long run is simple as pie.

If she is always in a horny state then the guys that have sexual value in her eyes are the ones that are going to be more appealing - over time.

Does that make sense?

Let's say we lived in a world where a pig could talk and interact with you, but they still had the sexual value of a regular pig.

By the way: This analogy was nominated for the Bizarre Analogy Award. (that's a joke)

Let's say this pig gave you (secretly or non-secretly) 2 pills of HERBAL-X ROCK HARD.

These pills had 90000 mg of Yohimbe and 90000 mg of Ginseng, and any herb you can think of it had 90000 mgs of it (and miraculously your heart didn't explode!) seconds your member was up in the air! (precisely 2.5 degrees away from your belly).

Would you screw the pig if you became super aroused? The answer is no. (right?)

The pig has no sexual value. So in order for you to screw the pig, it would have to increase its sexual value. It would have to do something to increase its sexual value – like putting on some fishnet stockings (or shedding that nasty gut).

The right approach:

1 You must increase your sexual value.

Deadly Wife Seduction Mistake # 4

The wrong approach: Asking her to explain why she is not in the mood? (or why she doesn't want sex)

Here is why the thinking is very flawed. The guy thinks his wife will tell him why she isn't sexually attracted to him (anymore). And then all he has to is make the changes, and then presto!

The problem is she doesn't know. She knows what she is consciously attracted to (i.e the nice guy that does nice things – i.e her husband or the man she loves) but she doesn't know what she is unconsciously attracted to.

I'll say it one more time:

“She does not know why she doesn't find you sexually appealing”

[By the way – Any guy that has read knows what I mean. When you read that, you are going to beg me to take the site down so that other guys don't use that secret system]

The mechanisms that inspire horniness is foreign to her.

She doesn't know what moves her on a deep down level. Here's an example. If you asked a person that just gave up on diet why he is no longer on the diet, he is not going to give you the real (deep down) answer.

However, he will give you the false (surface – or what he thinks) answer and he may believe this is the truth but it's not the truth.

It's false.

His surface answer will be that the diet failed, or that it was a dumb diet - something like that. But the real (deep down) reason is because he may have never believed he could succeed in the first place.

He may not have been serious about solving his problem.

He may think that it's impossible to decrease the pounds.

He may have to increase his will-power.

The right approach:

You must increase your sexual value .

I hope you enjoyed this report. Feel free to pass it on to a friend.

Always remember (for the rest of your life):

”She responds unconsciously to things that she is not aware of.”

In fact, if you go to you'll notice a list of some of the emails that I have received for my ebook Super Sex Power.

No guy has ever emailed me saying something like “my wife/girlfriend/female-friend figured out exactly what I did when my sexual value increased. And she knows exactly how I am about to get her horny”

99.1% of the women out there, simply do not know. That's why when you start the process of increasing your sexual value, it can be extremely fun to see her responding totally differently. And it's even more fun when you hear her take credit for her new sexual mood. LOL!


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Hello CR

have a bone to pick with you.

Why the hell don't you market your book better??

just like to say that I wish I'd found your book years ago!

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Also like to say I firmly believe it's something every bloke in the world aught to read..

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I have a strong family and some close mates within a wider circle of friends. I got married almost 3 years ago to my favourite person in the world, a girl called Jen who I'd met when i was 17 (she was 15).

Personally I'm always looking for personal growth - you're either green and growing, or brown and dying.

I've read stacks of material on attitude, leadership, ambition, communication skills, personalities, the differences between men and women etc etc.

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I had what i thought was the best relationship in the world, until little
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While there are more factors in our relationship than discussed in the material of yours that I have, I'm pretty sure we could have worked through them properly had I found your book earlier.. hey ho - that's the learning curve eh?

So, perhaps your book hasn't saved a relationship this time (maybe it has - but it's a big maybe from my perspective), but it has definitely changed my life. I think it's fair to say there are a few girls with smiles they can't wipe off their faces thanks to you mate.

I have loved to see changes in the way people in general, but especially females , respond to me in everyday life.

I'm getting to know what to expect now, but I have been amazed at the connection I've been able to develop with females, some in an incredibly short space of time (minutes in some cases - not that this is really important, but it is kinda exhilarating to meet someone and feel that connection so quickly).

Whether it has led to sex or not has ceased to be that important, except for improving my game and figuring out where I may
have done/said things differently to achieve a different result.

I love being better equipped to figuring out what's going on in a woman's head (things even she doesn't know are going on) and watching (sometimes with frightening predictability ) the responses to what I'm doing or saying...

press this button, does this; press that button, does that... mmm wonder what happens if I press em both at once... ;)

If you've got any other material out since I purchased SSP, def interested - I'm sending a mate or two, and both my brothers, your way too.

Dunno whether you've considered translating any of it, but my old man does freelance translating into both french and spanish! Seriously, the world needs this . but you knew this already...

Anyway, if you want an endorsement for your page or whatever, all I could say is this...

Is your wife/girlfriend, or more importantly, *your* life, worth more than 40 bucks, or whatever CR charges for this? If not hit the little cross in the corner of your browser :)

thanks again

Marcos S

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