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Liquid Smooth Super Seducer

Liquid Smooth
Super Seducer

CR James

99.9% of guys …(that includes virgins) (that includes guys who can’t seem to
get a girl’s number) (that includes guys who are miserable & skeptical) (that
includes guys who can’t do the same things other guys do to get results) (that
includes guys who don’t get any results – even though they own every seduction
system out there) (that includes guys who are so hopeless they are seconds
away from giving up completely on women) (that includes guys who think they
are cursed) (that includes guys who have been rejected before because of their
looks) (that includes peeping toms) (that includes perverts and stalkers)….are
actually so close (a fraction of a millimeter) to becoming a Liquid Smooth Super
Seducer that if they only realized it (or had the inspiration to believe for a
second) they would be so wired, hyper and excited that the end result would
render the whole process useless!

OK, let me make it clear…

This may seem like a bunch of rah rah fluff, so let me follow it with some valuable
information that will hopefully help you (inspire you) to put it into perspective so
that you can benefit from this philosophy forever.
But first, I want to make sure we are on the same page. Because you may agree
with everything below or some of the things below or none of the things below:
(I’ve made them as simple as humanly possible)

Answer Yes or No: (This is simple)
There is a such thing as a Dumb Person.
There is a such thing as a Smart Person.
Dumb People consistently make Dumb Decisions.
Smart People consistently make Smart Decisions.

If you explain something to a Person, and he thinks it makes sense – plus he
feels and knows that his old way of doing things does not make sense – but yet
he continues to do things the old way – is he considered Dumb?
Before you answer that I want to tell you a story – a quick story. On a particular
day, I was in “chill mode” – life was great and the birds were singing all of my
favorite songs!

I was talking to a gentlemen about how he could make this girl he just met more
attracted to him. And he said “it makes sense” and then the next day, he came
back to me and said “damn! that’s some brilliant stuff!” and I just smiled. (this has
happened plenty of times – but I’m not bragging because there is no reason to…
He then asked me another question…

“How in the hell do you come up with stuff?” – and I just smiled...
Now, let me get to something that puzzles the hell out of me (or at least it used
to)… and by the way, I never told him how I came up with it – but you may
already know…

It’s the philosophy.
It’s like putting on magic glasses - where the whole world changes in your favor!
Let me know if you agree: (yes or no)
1. Successful billionaires are using better philosophies for making money than
homeless people.
2. A below-average looking guy (with a below-average salary) who can make
women consistently get hot and slippery-horny with ease (where she has the
“mean sexy eyes” along with the long deep breathing) is using a better
philosophy than a guy that is very attractive (with an above average salary) that
does not consistently turn women on.
This is simple, right?

The answers are easy. (The answers are “Yes” for both)

2 Apples + 3 Apples = 5 Apples.

By the way – when the guy asked me how do I come up with this stuff, I never
told him the answer, but I’ll tell you right now…
The answer is: It’s the philosophy that drives the philosophy that drives the
“CR, what the hell does that mean!?”
OK, that might not make any sense right away, but I will tell you that it’s a core
philosophy and I refer to it as Super Persuasion. It’s a unique process but let me
get back on track…

Let me get waaaaayyy back on track because I was giving someone else some
tips one day (and you’re about to learn a very important philosophy in a

And he did not get the same results…
But before he tried it he said, it’s not possible. I don’t think it will work.

Me: What won’t work?
His Dumb Ass: Making “Lisa” more attracted to me.
Me: Do you think you can affect her mood? For example, making her
happier by saying something?
His dumb ass: Yes.
Me: Do you think you have the human ability to make her see you
just a little tiny bit better than how she sees you now? For
example - if she was incredibly repulsed by you to the point
where just looking at you made her vomit 10 consecutive times, is
it possible to increase your attraction – for example, to the
point where she only vomits 7 consecutives times?
His Dumb Ass: Yes.
Me: So it is possible for YOU, to generate more attraction in
this specific human female (“Lisa”)?
His Dumb Ass: Yes.
Me: Cool. So what is the cut-off point? Is it when she only
vomits 5 times? Is it when she only gags? Is it when she can
smile and say to herself ‘he’s a cool guy’ Is it when you are
able to get her vagina slippery wet for 9 seconds, and then it
instantly gets dry after the 9 seconds because you have reached
your cut-off point?
His Dumb Ass: Well I guess it’s possible for me to get her horny,
but I still don’t think it will work….

(let’s pause)

He is referring to the same advice I gave the other guy – who got the results.
Let’s just say the guy that said “How in the hell do you come up with stuff?” after
he got the results is using a better philosophy.
He’s smart because something made sense to him and he did it.
“His Dumb Ass” is dumb, because something made sense to him and he refused
to even try it – WHEN he truly wants to change.
The super duper mega ultra part was that this guy was doing “other things”
naturally that works in his favor. He was too dumb to realize his own potential. I
saw amazing things that this guy did that would make him a Liquid Smooth Super
Seducer in no time!

Understand, that my frustration is not because this guy wasn’t the most intelligent
guy in the world. It was because I was compassionately trying to help him and he
was being a flat out Dumb Ass!
He’s probably not improving in any area in his life.
He’ll be the same Dumb Guy who doesn’t realize how close he is to being a
Super Seducer for the rest of his life – even if he lived to be 234 years old!
Could you imagine the expression on his face, if he was able to look back at his
entire life and see how close he actually was?

The true measure of intelligence (to me) is how often you do things that make
sense to you. And the growth (and results) come from how consistent you are at
making the right decisions (that make sense to you) – along with continuing to
learn sensible ways to getter better at having sex.
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. I’m more impressed with a guy who has a
much lower IQ than these rocket scientists but takes the time to learn about
getting women hot and horny…
And why do I say this?

Because the Rocket Scientist may have figured out how to calculate the Third
Loop-Hole in Parallel Universes, but most of them haven’t figured out how to get
a human woman horny (and it’s easy as pie – in fact the more you continue to
learn, the easier it becomes)…
And why do I say this?

Because you can test it out right now!

Experiment Time Boys and Girls: Go to the nearest facility that has a Rocket
Scientist. And then ask him would he rather work in the lab for 2 hours or “spend
time” with Girl-A [and Girl-A is any sexy woman you are able to visualize]…
And by “spend time” I mean have passionate sex with her – or marry her and
make passionate love to her…
You get the idea…

He will probably – and I’m just guessing - select “having sex” with Girl-A…
You decide what that means…
What’s important is in a few days, I want to share something I never shared
before and that is the philosophy of Super Persuasion.
Instructor CR James

Here are examples of smart guys who got results. If you know someone who
could use this information, pass it along – because sometimes all the person
needs is the reality that it is possible.

From: **** <******>
To: crjames100 @
Date: Nov 22, 2005 8:31 AM
Subject: Your course is the bomb

Here’s my story for those who don’t believe this works. I never wrote a testimonial until now.
I’m single and was looking at seduction methods hoping to improve my chances of meeting more
women as well as getting more sex. When you are 39 it doesn’t happen often. I decided to try
your methods on my next date. I only read the course once and was really HALF ASS applying
your methods.
Date 1: I laid some easy ground work. Date 2: She’s more than interested she wants some but I
decided to build more points just a little more to see what happens, well by date three I was
EMBARRASSED as we were in public. She was all over me, so much so that we had to leave 20
mins into the date back to my place of course, once in the door she on the couch NAKED and
well you can guess the rest.
If I had video of this hot blonde basically trying to have sex in a public place you would swear it
was staged, that’s how crazy she was for me. I just wanted to say thank you James as it’s been a
long time since any woman has wanted me that bad and getting her so hot that she initiated
everything was great for the both of us. I’m gonna reread the course and study it more this time.
It’s almost scary but in a good way. BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT !!!!
Thank you,

From: CR James
To: **** <*****>
Date: Nov 23, 2005 4:06 PM
Subject: Re: Your course is the bomb
Thanks for the kind words john!
i have to give you a testimonial "you are the man!"
and i say that seriously because not every guy takes action like you did...
i just got finish reading a email from this guy (2 seconds ago!) that wanted me to prove to him that
it works... he wanted me to email him a bunch of advice (spending my valuable time) concerning
getting sexual value and if it worked, he "promised" to
i told him he doesn't have to buy. and it doesn't really matter to me whether he buys or
i hope he didn’t pass out from shock. I guess he wanted me to "perform" - as if i'm a juggler in the
subway or something.
that's the reason why i had to give you a testimonial. and i was serious about it -b/c you (and
others like you) basically landed on the site [the same exact site]. bought the book. read it. tried it.
and got results...
as a matter of fact, i'm going to attach a free copy of some new stuff i'm working on.. no one has
ever seen it.. not even my beta testers!
good luck...
keep me updated...

Here’s another email. And the cool thing about this guy – is that he reveals the
magic philosophy in reverse. (any guy that has experienced going from having a
girl addicted to you to having her not interested at all, knows that the increase in
sexual value is unidirectional (meaning you can get better with woman and you
can get worse with women)
Even an AOL user knows the magic philosophy! (that’s a joke Matt, lol)

From: ****** <******> Mailed-By:
Date: Nov 9, 2005 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: Matt - Here is your secret link
Well you definitely have some worthwhile information to teach. I can see parallels with some of
the really good stuff in the seduction community, but your stuff if you pardon my language cuts
out all the shit and explains things just as they should be explained.
CR James 2005-2006 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 6
I am really enjoying reading the book. It "makes sense" with how I understand things already...but
reminds you to apply it if you know what I mean, and also further ingrains it in the readers
knowledge. I came out of a relationship a fewmonths back and as I am reading through the book
my thoughts are like "oh yeah that happened...and that...and that!"
It's freaky, but I can actually identify that, in the beginning of my last relationship I was acting in
many of the ways instructed by you, and getting mind blowing sex, I even made this girl cum, in
under a minute, while she was still wearing her trousers.
She had a look of disbelief on her face just before her orgasm as she felt herself just about to
cum. As we grew closer, of course I let my guard down and fell into other behaviours (the wrong described in your book), and the same girl who couldn't keep her hands off me (even in
public) would now not let me near her. Of course, I made the mistake of [doing a mistake] etc know the score.
It's a learning process though, and it's amazing how the whole thing can actually be explained in
a linear fashion. Well done you've done a sterling job.

Here is a guy who did something super brilliant:
He changed his approach, because the old one wasn’t working. And as a result he got different
results. Read about the strange change he saw:

From: S <*****> Signed-By:
To: CR James | Seduction Games
Date: Nov 8, 2005 12:43 PM

This worked great!!!! I have been trying to hook up with my LJBF for months. When she would be
over at my house and I received a phone call, I would quickly end the call by saying "I have
important me back" and hang up, letting her know she was special...right? Well, I
got fed up with the let’s just be friends routine and [started doing something different].
Yesterday she called me and I [did something different]
CR, you said in the report to look for a change?
When I went to her house this morning to take her on a job interview
.............she was all over me!
Tongue Down The Throat!
~ Yea, I saw the change alright.
Now she's talking about a committed relationship...or wanting it...I could have had the tail
yesterday but denied it, further strengthening my position.
I'm back on top now.
Thanks,,,it does work!
S. from Texas

From: ****** Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 10:33:13 EDT
Subject: Re: Program Success
First let me start out with a compliment,
Man you really know your stuff and the easy to follow simple terms, the way you
write is unbeatable.
I used a simple technique first I did a little something I sent her a text message
telling her [something]
However the night before we were lying in bed and she says sorry I haven’t been
sexual past couple days.
Well yeah she has poison ivy, so i played it cool and said "no biggie I know you
got that skin disease so I really haven’t given you sex in a couple days" of course
she laughed I just remain quiet and went to sleep.
That day I sent the text I also told her [something else]. The moment she came
home from work she actually tackled me on the couch. So I said hi as I always do
with a hug and a kiss.
So she grabs me and I can tell how she kisses me that she's trying to entice me
to go upstairs. Well I said hey I gotta bail and run home to take a shower cause
we were going to see a concert.
She said oh ok. So she goes upstairs to take a nap.
[to make a long story short, Steve came back and did some other cool stuff]
DUDE I wasn’t touching her anywhere, but her back her hair her thighs.
I didn’t touch the sweet spot and out of nowhere she scoots over panties to side
and tries to [force the penetration]
I held out for another 15 minutes than it was on.
NEXT TIME I’M DOING THE FISH FILTER thing [a technique that is in the book
Lust Signals] LOL!
You are the GOD of Seduction.
PS: By the way I don’t catch Poison IVY.. LMAO

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Peace Love And Happiness
Instructor CR James
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