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Date: February 9, 2005
Setting: UK & USA
Subject: Input
Date: 2/09/2005 21:48:46 +0000
From: "Sue xxxx"

Hi CR!

I told you I would get back! he 'controls me!' he tells me
he wants 'input' but when I do, he ignores it! and makes my
'decisions' yet he tells me to give 'input' but it's
'rejected' I find it very 'confusing!' it's like I give
input! but he 'rejects' it, then tells me I am 'indecisive'
and I go with him! I was so good to him! I even looked
after his kids!

I looked after him and he pushed me 'further' even said he
had set me 'tasks' things that were 'alien' to me! He loves
my looks, he loves my body and 'enthusiasm' but he 'knows'
he is clever! He said we are not '.mates,. because I am his
'lover' I cannot be a MATE! only his 'lover, soulmate! not
a 'friend' I feel very down about this!

I am totally confused! I want himto love me, where is the
'problem, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sue 'the great' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I
value your advice! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ok Sue,
It is simple as pie to see exactly what is going on here. You have to
make sure you listen and understand - instead of being delusional.
Out of all the delusional people out there, how many do you think they CR James
are delusional?

The answer is zero.

The answer will always be zero.

Do you know how people become delusional?

There's a little Delusional Fairy that's sprinkles delusional dust on
people's faces while they are sleeping and when they wake up they are

Actually, that is NOT how it happens...
Here is how it really happens - it is simple as pie - they believe what
they want to believe. They process information based on HOW THEY WANT IT
TO BE...

They ignore what is obvious SO MUCH (on a conscious level) - that over
time they begin to do it unconsciously.
Kind of like when you unconsciously make millions of minor steering corrections
when you are driving...

You (in a way) drive without thinking...
Through repetition, your brain will perform functions automatically...
Sometimes it is good to be delusional. In other words, imagine living
your whole life as a fairy tale where what you want to believe is what
you believe despite the hard core FACTS...

But as you know facts are hard to determine in some cases. Sometimes it
is a bitch to find the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes
reality isn't fair...

Here's what I want you to do: go to the store and buy a black magic
marker. Then go back home and write this sentence on your living room
wall (very big): "It doesn't make any logical sense for a man to not
want to be with the woman he loves."
Stare at what you just wrote for hours and see if it makes any sense. If
it doesn't, write it again. In fact, keep writing it until it makes sense.
I've been called eccentric, weird, brilliant, etc... I've been told I
don't think like the average person. And love to hear it each time...

In fact I get mildly horny when if I hear it enough (that's a secret)
But out of all the abnormal things I have done. I have never in my human
existence told a woman that I L-O-V-E that she is not allowed to be my

In fact! Even if my feelings weren't on the level of love - and I just
cared about the person - I would never say that...
That is not strange behavior... That is natural human behavior...
With that said - I do not possess the ability to telepathically detect
whether a person is experiencing love...

The cool thing is I do possess the ability to make a choice. And making
choices is one of those things I like to do. In fact - if I ever had the
ability (even if it were for one day) to telepathically detect if a
woman (who I was fucking) really loved me and I found out that she
actually loved me BUT she didn't show it OR I didn't feel it then I
would make a CHOICE . [assuming that it was important for me to experience
love in this sexual relationship]

Again, I love to make choices - In fact I get extremely horny every time I have to
make one of those (that you can share)...

So if a woman didn't show me love OR/AND I didn't feel it I would make a
"choice" to NOT be with her. That would be my choice (gaaaasspppp!!!!)
TESTICLE-PULSATING FACT that she loved me...

Do you know why?

Because I enjoy feeling loved. I also enjoy loving. The world needs more
compassion. And since I like to make choices, I would never in 50
trillion years be with someone who didn't make me FEEL loved... [assuming that
it was important for me to experience love in this sexual relationship]
I would rather be with a woman that didn't love me that made me feel
loved over a woman who did love me that didn't make me feel loved...
In other words, I would seduce the Delusional Fairy...

The real question is what do you get out of being with a man that
doesn't love you (let's pretend I am making an assumption)?

Think about that for a second...

Write it down on a piece of paper and tell me.
Now ball up the paper, because here is the real answer.
But before I tell you it, think about this...

There is a guy with no home, no car, no money. He is homeless. He is
broke. He is poor.

How would he feel if he met a woman that was rich, that invited him into
her world? Do you think he would be happy that he is now living with a
rich woman?

Do you think she is satisfying a MAJOR need of his?
What if she treated him like shit? (shockingly, he may put up with it)
Now the question becomes: What is best for him? By the way, if you are
not doing things that are BEST for you that is equivalent to banging
your head up against a wall all day long every single day...

Would it be BETTER for him to not put up with the bullshit and figure
out a way to make money?


Would it be BETTER for him to put up with the bullshit, hope and pray
that she doesn't leave him?

You don't have to answer Sue. Let’s go back to the original question:
The real question is what do you get out being with a man that doesn't
love you?

Here is the deal - whenever a woman seeks out a man that is extremely
dominant (that would be you) she is really masking the fact that she has
insecurity problems...

By the way, a person should never start looking for a relationship if
they know they have insecurity issues because they will sabotage the
relationship... they become an emotional drain...and a bunch of other

Women who seek out guys that are extremely dominant may like to pretend
that they have it all figured out (like you do) but deep down inside
there is a lot of pain...
They are really saying "I want a good excuse to act overly submissive. I
want a good excuse to be talked to like I'm a piece of shit." In fact,
it will begin to feel comfortable for them...

So that is my take on things. Hopefully that helped...

Thank you CR, I understand what you say,. I am being
'delusional' I am living in 'fairytale' land. I have been
doing this all my life! I have a life no one would envy!
but I need it this way,. I know I am not 'loved' by this
guy,. he didn't even call to make sure I got home safe
after driving 400 miles at 3:30 am in thick fog!

I do have a man that I know 'loves' me like I have never
been loved in my life! he worries over me,. he wanted to
know I got home safe,. he wants to 'spoil' me and treat me
like a 'lady' he takes me out to lovely places and buys me
very 'special' expensive presents,. But I don't love him! I
feel like a 'user' and I am not, it's just hard for me to
hurt people’s feelings,. he even wanted to buy me a new
BMW! but I had the decency to say no!. I try not to think
of my life, that’s probably me being 'delusional' I have
made a Big decision though, I am getting away from my home
with 'Hubby' I am getting an apartment,. this has made
“Marty” slightly 'insecure' now,. I can tell, because he
will not know what I am 'up to'. but I had to do this to
'test' if he loves me,. I was hoping he would tell me to
move to him,. but as he said 'we can't rush' .
What you have said has made me think! you are right! if he
loved me why can't I be with him! why can't I be a
'friend'? I hoped we would be 'best friends' aren't
'soulmates' friends? .
I really do appreciate your 'insight' because my head is in
the 'clouds' I do find the 'verbal abuse' comfortable,
which is so 'strange' he is so good at doing it too!
everyone tells me I am slim,. but he said I could do with
losing some weight! I straightened my hair and it did look
'good' he didn't like it! he says my driving makes him
'seasick'. all these digs don't hurt me! I also get this
'shit' from my boss at work too! and before that my 'hubby'

too! maybe people have made me 'submissive' or maybe they
saw that in me! is it like the 'chicken and the egg'? .
Thank you CR you are so cool! and so knowledgeable! when I
told “Marty” the things I loved about him I told him I
liked his 'intelligence' he told me he like my 'looks' it
was so 'subtle' how he wanted me to know I am 'thick' and
'stupid' . why am I doing this to myself? I know it's wrong
and I will get very 'hurt',. I wish I could open my 'eyes'
and see things how they really are! not like 'fairy
tale',. but I don't know how to do it! maybe I will write
that on my wall and stare at it all day, until it finally
sinks in to me! You are 'Splendiferous' I am pleased
and happy to know you,.
Have a great day CR!

There is so much value in this report, I do not even know where to begin! And I’m
talking about stuff that would benefit males and females. I see THREE major
things that are blaring in my eyes like a close-range Police Flashlight! Two of
them I’ll explain in a future report (when I get the time) and the other one is too
powerful to even hint at!
And taking a step back there is nothing wrong with being in Control. In fact you
have to be in control.
Do you know the relationship between control and input?

Think about it.

Here is a hint: Good sex will drive a woman wild!
Did you know that?
That is the only thing you need to know. And I’ll bet you your pile of stones for my
wooden axe that her (Sue from the email) husband was NOT giving her mind
blowing sex.

Trust me, there are some other things that he is not doing and if you read
Married Women Are Easier To Seduce (go to and scroll
down midway until you see the image of the book – it is a limited time bonus
ebook) then you know what I mean. I strongly suggest you read that eBook twice!

Getting back to control I would recommend that you read another report by going
The title is called easily-offended.pdf because if you are easily offended you
probably should not read it. It’s actually not that bad, but some people get all
buzzed out when something catches them off guard.

Even though I have little respect for people who get offended easily and I
normally lose sleep trying to figure out a way to get them to stop reading what I
write, I will at least give them a chance to bail out now!
And after they bail out, I’m going to tell you how people who get offended easily
are the ones who are not sexually inspiring females.

Those overly judgmental guys that get all uptight over every little thing and they
think they know it all and they think they got it all figured out are the ones that are
not sexually inspiring females.
Women hate those guys!

There is not enough bytes in cyberspace for one of these clowns to write me an
email long enough to convince me that he is getting some ass on a regular basis.
I can spot this type of husband any day of the week!
When you read “easily-offended.pdf” I want you to get out your abacus and count
how many times Sue mentions her HUSBAND.
Hint: Her husband’s name is NOT “Marty”.

Click here:

Love Peace and Happiness,
CR James
Author of Super Sex Power

Specializing in advanced undetectable seduction techniques

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